The Dice Doc Investment Opportunity
A “Casino Winning” Training Company That Provides Specialized Educational Courses for Individuals Interested in Pursuing Their Lucrative Career in the Casino Winning Industry.
The Dice Doc Is Seeking An Amiable Partner Or Partners With $150,000.00 For Growth And Profitability. The Dice Doc has been doing gaming lessons since late 1999. He is raising $150,000.00 so he can create a one of a kind gaming school that teaches students not only how to play the game but how to be a 90 percent favorite at every table.
This is a unique business opportunity with tremendous revenue potential. We have secured $40,000 a month in real, highly targeted, media for $15,000 to drive potential students to the school. We provide lessons at a price of $1000 a piece One lesson a day gives us a profit 3 lessons a day will put us at 7 figures This is a deal for people with common sense who can see a tremendous value Serious people only who want to make a huge profit for a small investment and have fun. Please contact Al the dice doc For a sincere phone call and receive The business plan ..
This Is a One of a Kind Gaming School Providing Students Education On
Proven mathematical formulas also known as methods. Said methods will destroy the concept of 50/50 gambling. Putting the odds tremendously in the student’s favor. With a lesson, students will realize they can play at each table as a 90 percent favorite. Explanation on how students must be capitalized and treat this as a business. This is the only business on the planet that teaches players not just the rules of the game but how to earn in the casino on a consistent basis. The Dice Doc has a multitude of happy students that are only too happy to give a favorable testimonial.
For More Information Please Contact : Al Kaufman (702) 764-4600