The Dice Doc Investment Opportunity
A “Casino Winning” Training Company That Provides Specialized Educational Courses for Individuals Interested in Pursuing Their Lucrative Career in the Casino Winning Industry.
The Dice Doc Is Seeking An Amiable Partner Or Partners With $150,000.00 For Growth And Profitability. The Dice Doc has been doing gaming lessons since late 1999. He is raising $150,000.00 so he can create a one of a kind gaming school that teaches students not only how to play the game but how to be a 90 percent favorite at every table.
There is an opportunity in Las Vegas, Nevada to expand and further operate an innovative successful casino winning training and consulting company. Al Kaufman recognizes this opportunity and has decided to go forward with the expansion of his company named The Dice Doc Investment. The company will further penetrate the market in the business of operating a casino winning training company that provides specialized educational courses for individuals interested in pursuing a lucrative career in the casino winning industry. Al Kaufman also recognizes the opportunities for offering cost effective solutions that allow clients to achieve their goals and objectives while increasing profitability. He will help clients achieve financial success by providing them with insider secrets about winning method techniques. The Dice Doc Investment will serve its business working to make its operations productive while at the same time controlling expenses. The money required getting the company organized, structured and developed has been provided by Al Kaufman. There will be needed an expansion fund of $150,000.00 to propel the company to a higher goal. The $150,000.00 will be for media exposure and miscellaneous operating expenses in adding numerous clients. Al Kaufman aka The Dice Doc. He is the inventor of situation gaming. He teaches people how to make a day’s pay in the casino using his proven math formulas. People can learn in as little as 60 to 90 minutes. Al has taken the proverbial 50/50 out of gaming and has stacked the odds tremendously in his students’ favor. Al feels a person doesn’t need good luck to win. He notes that a person needs to be capitalized. An individual can run this as a business whether for a weekend or for 20 or 30 days out of the month.
This Is a One of a Kind Gaming School Providing Students Education On
Proven mathematical formulas also known as methods. Said methods will destroy the concept of 50/50 gambling. Putting the odds tremendously in the student’s favor. With a lesson, students will realize they can play at each table as a 90 percent favorite. Explanation on how students must be capitalized and treat this as a business. This is the only business on the planet that teaches players not just the rules of the game but how to earn in the casino on a consistent basis. The Dice Doc has a multitude of happy students that are only too happy to give a favorable testimonial.
The company has determined that based on its distribution resources, competitive advantages and sound financial analysis, that it expects to do the following sales. Over the year 2022: $720,000.00 The next year 2023: $900,000.00 and over the following year 2024: $1,080,000.00.
StartUp Budget Budget for the startup is set at $150,000.00. Office $6,000.00 Gaming tables and furniture $8,500.00 Printing $1,000.00 Misc. $2,000.00 Dice Doc monthly salary $4,000.00 Form Corp, Attorney fees $3,000.00 Media Exposure $90,000.00 Operations Reserve $35,500.00 Monthly Overhead Rent $3,200.00 Electric $200.00 Cable $100.00 Dice Doc Salary $4,000.00 Advertising $15,000.00 Misc $2,500.00 Total: $25,000.00 per month
For More Information Please Contact : Al Kaufman (702) 764-4600
Dice Doc offers two kinds of lessons: Live in Las Vegas Lessons and Live Phone Lessons to any city on the planet. If his method does not work during a lesson; the lesson is absolutely free. Details of Proposed Budget: The budget factors include one sale per day on a 30 day calendar. This creates a break- even point. With 2 plus lessons per day the budget is in the profit zone. At 1 sale per day it is $30,000.00 per month; which is just past the break-even point. At 2 sales per say the total will be $60,000.00 per month and highly profitable. At 3 sales per say the total will be $90,000.00 per month and extremely profitable. TOTAL UNIQUE CONCEPT This unique school concept has never been tried anywhere. All students will be given laminated cards so they will not have to do any math at the table. Cards are tailor made for each students bankroll. The card is perfectly legal and not to be compared to any kind of card counting in black jack. Al will make himself available for profit making webinars and seminars. Al Kaufman has been a gaming consultant with a presence on YouTube. He also is showing 10,000 followers on Instagram. There he has taught students to learn his methods. His school is for educational purposes only. Gambling of any kind Is never permitted!